onsdag 22. august 2012

SAS kaffe/te-kanne

Jeg har ønsket meg en slik kanne i mange år og har lurt på hvordan man får tak i en. De er ikke i vanlig handel. Så løsningen ville evt. være å "stjæle" en eller kjøpe av en som har gjort det en gang.
Sakset fra Flyprat

 Her er historien om kannen. Sakset fra Ergonomidesign sin hjemmeside.
"Industrial designer Maria Benktzon and Ergonomidesign colleague Sven-Eric Juhlin developed a new, ergonomically improved coffee pot for SAS Airlines in 1984-1987. “The old pot was made of stainless steel and weighed 2.5 kilos when full. It was too heavy, the cabin crew developed strain injuries in their shoulders and arms,” Benktzon reminisces.

“On the old pot the handle was placed further away from the centre of gravity, which meant that you had to carry the pot’s weight outside your hand, with your arm and wrist. The goal was to optimize the distance between the wrist and the centre of gravity of the volume. The new pot had to be drip-proof, fit into storage boxes, withstand major temperature changes from minus three degrees to 120 degrees, and be able to take very rough handling,” says Maria Benktzon.

The way Maria Benktzon sees the design process, it was mainly functionality and manufacturing method which decided the final design of the SAS pot. The client kept telling the designers that the technical problems weren’t as important as user needs, but it wasn’t easy to find a manufacturer which was prepared to construct the tools for the complicated pot shape.

The SAS pot was supplemented in 1992 with an ergonomically developed serving tray with a sugar bowl and cream jug and in 1994 with a juice jug. Today, the original coffee pot is still in service and around 30 other airlines also use it. Norplasta in Stjørdal in Norway have made around 300,000 pots so far and sales continue to rise."

SAS kaffekannen fra nettstedet "Digitalt museum"
Noen som har en eller vet om en?

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